What is a Family Story Session?  Simply put, it is a session where I come into your home/life for a part of the day, and just document your life as it happens.  No posing. No fake stuff.  Just REAL moments and story-telling of your beautiful every-day life.  The stuff you will actual want to remember when looking back at your photos years from now.

It is honest, raw, genuine, nostalgic....and sometimes downright hilarious.

Who is this type of session for?  Anyone!!  However, I understand that it may not be what everyone is looking for.  I find that these types of sessions are beloved by people who really want to remember all the moments...and document the "little things"...and don't care if their hair or house looks perfect.  People who tend to really enjoy and cherish the photos that come from these sessions are often times very nostalgic at heart.  I believe though that these may be the photos that many people are looking for and want, but don't realize it until they see them....

For more info on what these sessions entail and look like...and how to plan for them, etc....just contact me and we will chat!!

Here are a few examples of my recent Family Story sessions!