If the photographer is interested in the people in front of his lens, and if he is compassionate, it’s already a lot. The instrument is not the camera but the photographer.
— E. Arnold


Hey there!  I am stoked that you stopped by my little corner of the world!  Thanks!  Simply put, I am a Colorado gal with an amazing little family and couldn’t be more lucky to be living out such an amazing adventure and dream of photographing people’s Colorado Weddings and happiest life stories!



Glad you asked! I'm actually not going to give you some big story of how got into Photography though, or anything like that (but I'd be happy to tell you when we meet up!)....but I AM going to tell you that my connection with my clients is what it's all about for me...and that's how the magic really happens in photographs, and my interest in human connection is where my story started.  Beautiful Photography is more than just good lighting and scenery, it's about emotion and authentic connections...and being comfortable with the person making your photographs is the best starting point!  So, here are some random things about me- and if it sounds like we may get along and click-- let's most definitely connect!

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  • I’ve known my husband since I was 11…kinda cute, huh?

  • My little Mountain home and crazy kids inspire me everyday (and sometimes make me drink wine)

  • I am a total goofball and will most likely quote Chris Farley or Adam Sandler at some point in our session

  • My Fridays = Netflix, popcorn, (beer), and board games with my boys.

  • Adventure with my family is a necessity.

  • I consider “dude” a term of endearment

  • F-bombs...they happen. Often. I try to behave around my mom....but I fail everytime.

  • I still make “mix” CDs for my car.

  • I love building Lego sets with my boys...and may or may not buy them for myself.

  • Hiking, snowshoeing, or just throwing rocks into a river with my family…the Colorado sun and mountains are my church.

  • I miss my Backyard Chickens tremendously...would have every farm animal if I could. Especially an Alpaca...they have natural Leg warmers.

  • I survive on coffee and dark chocolate….out of the freezer (the chocolate, not the coffee)

  • I 100% believe in the good ol' fashioned road trip...but also love venturing the World with my family now that my kids aren't little toddlers!

  • I have a severe competitive side, even if I suck at whatever the competition is. (I'm not allowed to play Monopoly or go bowling anymore)

  • I love the smell of Downy…and sunscreen... especially when my kiddos smell like it in the warm sun!

  • I can do a wicked Headbang to 80’s hairband songs...and pretty much love the 80's in general.

  • My kids watched The Goonies when they were 3…it had to be done.

  • Chips and Salsa are considered an entree, and one of the best ones.

  • Although I am all about living an organic and natural lifestyle, among other things, I will eat an entire package of Little Debbie's and not look back.

  • MUSIC. If I could've done some other form of Artistry in life...I would've no doubt been a Musician/lyricist....here is a link to one of my current Spotify lists if you're interested in hearing some of my music!

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