Why I do what I do.

Really, it comes down to the fact that I truly BELIEVE in the power of a photo.  The power of preserving our best moments.  The power of re-living the detail, and flood of emotion from a past moment....years later.  I want you to have a way to be able to look back on your life and FEEL exactly the way I felt when that second my shutter clicked.  I believe everyone should have an vibrant and genuine way to be able to experience their happy memories forever.

Aside from that core belief....there are a few other things that drive me and contribute to how I see the world!

  • I believe life is an adventure, and is meant to be shared with people you love.
  • Be genuine, be real, be you.
  • I believe in documenting life moments. All of them. Even the less-glamorous ones.
  • I believe everyone has a story to tell…just listen.
  • I believe that the chaos and imperfection of our everyday life is true beauty…and the moments that often are the best.
  • I believe in following your gut, and doing things that make you feel something.
  • Sometimes you gotta be willing to lay all the cards on the table and go for it 100%....or don’t bother.
  • I believe in intuition and listening to your heart…no matter what.
  • I believe in silly faces and dirty jokes.
  • Laying in the summer grass or a pile of Fall leaves is NEVER a waste of time.
  • I believe in belly butterflies and moments of sheer bravery.
  • Everyone should have something that inspires them.  Something that makes them feel alive or takes their breath away….
  • Humor and honesty will get you through any situation, and a smile is everyone’s best feature.
  • I believe in Love....of all kinds.

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