Colorado Wedding and Engagement Photography ~ 2017 Mish Mash / Vol. 1

Alright-'s mid February....I fear my goal of blogging everything from 2017 and doing a recap post is totally unrealistic.  Damnit!!  However, I had such an amazing 2017, and LOVE LOVE LOVE all my clients and couples so much- that I simply cannot fathom not posting as much as I can anyway-- but I'm going to do it a bit different this year!

I will still be attempting to blog a good majority of Weddings from 2017 as time allows- so please check them out for FULL STORY-TELLING GOODNESS!!  (Click HERE to visit Blog home page) However, in the meantime, I will be posting a handful of "Mish Mash" posts- which will include a random sample of some of my favs throughout the year!

These are images that I personally connected with in some capacity or another!  From Colorado mountain tops an sunsets, to sunny tropics of Cancun Mexico, to local breweries and Urban was an amazing start to the year!! 

It may just be a really pretty epic Colorado Mountain Engagement shot, or a more intimate or emotional Wedding shot, or someone making a funny face....someone doing something that captured my attention....or just a really cute kid (*soft spot!*).  Whatever.  Just some images that moved me somehow.  

Now unfortunately, for each and every shoot that I do- I want to blog EVERY image.....(thus....why I suck at keeping up with blogging!)....they ALL mean something to me!!  So, it almost hurts me to post this too-lol- because I just feel like all my favs aren't in there!!  Sigh.....gotta get over it Jenae!!

Anyway! Here we go- starting way back at the beginning of 2017....let's get rolling!

(**I will be doing separate Family and Portrait posts.....this is only Wedding and Engagement sessions!***)

Locations in these photos:

Rocky Mountain National Park / Cancun, Mexico / Della Terra Mountain Chateaux / Black Canyon Inn / Twin Owls Steakhouse / Mt. Falcon Mountain Park / The Book Bar, Denver Highlands / Downtown Denver, RiNo District / Boreas Pass / Breckenridge / Lake Dillon, Frisco / Sapphire Point


Put on this playlist when viewing photos!  Music always adds the best touch!  (Spotify)