Frequently Asked Questions and Additional Info!

  1. How would you describe your “style”?
    - Oh man good question! Here is my long-winded answer!

    I describe my photographic style as Artful Story-telling. I approach my weddings and sessions as a story-teller first and foremost, but also as an artist with a unique and creative perspective. I like to capture the organic and genuine moments that are happening, but I will also step in to compose and direct for a truly unique and captivating image (aka….you won’t be awkwardly standing in a field not knowing what to do with your hands……).

    I like to incorporate much of the surrounding environment, and what is going on in the moment, to compose a shot, and I have no problem climbing a tree, standing in a creek, or laying in the grass to get it!

    I strive for my images to be vibrant, genuine, uniquely composed, and evoke emotion. It is my goal for you to feel something when you look at your photos- and to be able to re-live this day with all your future generations!

  2. Ok that all sounds great, but what is it really like to work with you?
    - Man I totally feel you on this! It’s your Wedding!! You don’t want to be around anyone awkward or someone you don’t click with, etc!! You shouldn’t! You should truly find the best fit with your personalities….with ALL your vendors! That being said….I think I’m pretty fun and cool. ** (Insert Ron Burgundy quote…) **. In all seriousness, I can tell you that I am very organized and knowledgeable, yet laid back, fun, and many of my past clients describe me as “just like having a best friend there!”. I’ve worked in the industry for a long time, and have a good handle on how to be a good calming force if need be….or a loud-mouth wrangler of families….or step-in MC…or Weather-lady….or dress-bustler….or Bouquet fixer….or candle-lighter….or umbrella holder…and of course last minute decision maker! Being a seasoned and experienced Wedding Photographer is a lot more than just taking photos. It is my goal to not only serve up and deliver what I promise on the Photo side of things….but also be a hero in any way that I can in making your day a success and awesome in all ways! Think of me like your day-of-wedding bestie that is going to bust her ass for you to make it the best day ever!!

    If you want to check out what others have said, head over to my Review Page!

  3. What is your deposit and how do we book you?

    - My Deposit is 30% of your total Collection price, and is due with your Signed contract. The remaining balance is due (30) days prior to your Wedding. You may make payments as you wish up until then, or just pay all at the 30 day mark! In order to solidify your date on my calendar, you will sign a contract and give me ALL YOUR MONEY (just kidding….just your deposit ;)…and that is it! I will take it from there!

  4. Who is your second shooter?

    - Great question! I have a close knit community of experienced Wedding Photographers that I pull from for my 2nd shooters. I have worked with them numerous times, trust them 100%, and have no shortage of amazing people!  Your second shooter is an experienced Wedding photographer….not an assistant or intern just learning.

  5. Do you have liability insurance?

    - Yep! Just let me know if you need the details.

  6. What if we decide to add extra coverage the night of the Wedding?

    - No prob! Just let me know. I will always come check with you before leaving, so we can chat about it that night if need be.

  7. Do you accept photo lists?
    - Absolutely! Actually, you will receive a prep packet to fill out for me before the wedding. This will have a spot to put in all your specific family photos that you can’t live without, and any others that are special to you. If I feel you have requested a certain shot that may not be doable for one reason or another, I will always communicate that with you.

  8. What attire do you and your second shooter wear?
    - A ninja costume. Just kidding! Or am I........?

  9. Do you edit all the photos?
    - I make all final edits on each and every photo that you receive. Once and a while, I have a professional company help get the initial edit done (color balance, exposure, etc.), and then I make all the final artistic edits.

  10. What equipment do you shoot with?
    - I shoot with professional level Nikon cameras and lenses (as well as many other toys).

  11. Speaking of, do you have backup equipment?
    - Wouldn’t leave home without it! I have 2+ camera bodies and a variety of lenses. Also, your second shooter will have their gear and backup gear as we’ve got you covered.

  12. What if your memory card has a problem?
    - My camera has dual card slots to ensure backup of your memories! I do everything possible to ensure the safety of your images!

  13. When will our photos be ready?

    - I will post a Sneak Peek for you within 2-3 days on my Social Media pages (that way you can have something to look at on your honeymoon!). Your full photo gallery will be ready to view within 4-6 weeks after the wedding date. You will at that point have them immediately available for digital download through your online gallery. I will also send you a Box of goodies a couple weeks after your Online Gallery is ready, which will include a USB drive of all your images as well.

  14. Do you have good recommendations for other vendors?

    - I’ve worked in the wedding industry for a long time, even before I became a full-time photographer, I have great connections and I would love to help you find any of the missing links you have yet to fill for your big day!

  15. Do you offer Wedding Albums?

    - Absolutely! I highly recommend ordering an album, it will be something you treasure forever. I will go over all your ordering options and ideas with you after the wedding. There is a separate brochure with Album and Product descriptions that I will include on your USB drive, and then we can chat through it all together when you are ready!

  16. Do you only edit in Color?

    - I edit all your photos in color, and I select a few out I think are better suited as black and white. You always have the option of having any photo put back into color, or switched to black and white, no problem.

  17. How many photos will you take?

    -More than likely, I will take about 3,000-5,000+ photos! However, don’t worry, you will have about 500-1000 final edited ones. Typically, a full wedding Gallery is about 800-1000 photos.

    Something else on your mind? Just ask me on your contact form! I’m always just a phone call away as well!

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