My Story

Hey there!  I am stoked that you stopped by my little corner of the world!  Thanks!  Simply put, I am a Colorado gal with an amazing little family and couldn’t be more lucky to be living out my passion and dream of photographing people’s happiest stories.  Now, rather than writing a novel here of who I am…because that’s really hard (seriously….don’t try it…)- here are a bunch of random facts about me. Give them a read and then let's meet up and chat about YOU!  

  •  I’ve known my husband since I was 11…kinda cute, huh?
  • A warm mountain fire and smell of pine fills a nostalgic place in my heart
  • I am a total goofball and will most likely quote Chris Farley or Adam Sandler at some point in our session
  • Netflix, popcorn, beer. My Fridays
  • Adventure with my family is a necessity.
  • I consider “dude” a term of endearment
  • F-bombs...they happen. Often
  • I still make “mix” CDs for my car...and yes, still listen to actual CDs
  • I love building Lego sets with my boys...and may or may not buy them for myself
  •  Hiking, snowshoeing, or just throwing rocks into a river with my family…the Colorado sun and mountains are my church
  • My three psycho backyard Chickens give me a little piece of my dream of living on a farm
  • Tasty microbrews with friends…wine with my Nook,
  • I survive on coffee and dark chocolate….out of the freezer (the chocolate, not the coffee)
  • I 100% believe in the good ol' fashioned road trip
  • I’m girly…but not "too" girly.  I also have a severe competitive side, even if I suck at whatever the competition is.
  • I love the smell of Downy…and sunscreen... especially when my kiddos smell like it in the warm sun!
  • I can do a wicked Headbang to 80’s hairband songs...and pretty much love the 80's in general.
  • My kids watched The Goonies when they were 3…it had to be done.
  • Chips and Salsa are considered an entree, and one of the best ones.
  • Although I am all about living an organic and natural lifestyle, among other things, I will eat an entire package of Little Debbie's and not look back.

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